Our Proposals

To summarise, our submitted proposals for 38-70 Baker Street includes:

Replacing the existing buildings with a new, highly sustainable and energy efficient building that is ground plus 7 storeys in height, with the upper floors set-back and sloped to lower the building’s height as perceived from the street - which is consistent with the scale of buildings in this part of Baker Street. The new proposed design is now 0.5m lower than 55 Baker Street opposite and 11m lower than the 25 Baker Street (under construction).

Introducing a new high-quality design that is complementary to neighbouring buildings and the surrounding Conservation Area with enhanced architectural variation, a refreshed materials palette and new detailing which takes cues from adjacent building.

Delivering modern, flexible office space that is attractive to a range of tenants – bringing more investment and a substantial number of jobs to the area.

Stepping back and shaping of the upper storeys massing to reduce the sense of scale whilst facilitating the introduction of terraces and a breakout space for future office tenants. The placement of these terraces has been further developed to move any habitable and occupiable space away from residential neighbours.

Delivering a mix of uses on site, including high quality flexible office accommodation, flexible retail spaces, and private residential homes.

A new, flexible community space, which we are partnering with the Baker Street Quarter Partnership, to carefully design and curate a proposed programme for the space, including a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Special Operations Executive, and reinstatement of the existing Westminster Green Plaque on the new facade.

Enhancing biodiversity by introducing extensive urban greening on the building’s façade, terraces and at roof level, now redesigned to the new set-back roof forms.

Introducing a modern, naturally ventilated, energy efficient building which will significantly reduce l carbon emissions in operation with reduced upfront embodied carbon and reduced material volumes.

Sensitively enhancing Broadstone Place by improving the public, creating a new oasis away from Baker Street, enhanced by relocating the residential entrance to Dorset Street.

We are grateful to everyone who has given their ideas, thoughts and feedback to date, helping to shape our proposals for the future of 38-70 Baker Street.

Below is a summary of some of the feedback which has been submitted to Westminster City Council and how this has helped to further shape our proposals since the submission of the application in December 2022.

We are now bringing forward revisions to the proposals which will see:

  • A reduction in height and bulk, by between approximately 2 metres and up to 4.6 metres
  • A significant evolution in the architectural design of the proposed facade, adding greater visual interest, material difference and detailed variation to the design
  • Amendments and clarifications to the proposed new private homes including a reduction in height and the relocation of the residential entrance onto Dorset Street
  • A permanent exhibition promoting the site’s historic association with the Special Operations Executive

We will shortly be submitting our revisions to Westminster City Council. We would therefore be grateful if you could provide your feedback via the survey below.

You can download our exhibition boards by clicking the button below:

38-70 Baker Street Revised Design Exhibition Boards